Nick Kapica was born in 1967 in London and is the founder and partner of SV Associates. He received a degree in Visual Communication in 1985 from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. Joining the design department at The Independent newspaper he was quickly promoted to a team developing the Independent on Sunday. Shortly after the launch of the newspaper and the fall of the Berlin Wall he ventured on a three month journey through Eastern Europe ending in Berlin where he lived with his partner and three children until moving to New Zealand in 2009. Nick is currently subject director for Graphic Design and senior lecturer for Typography at Massey University.

He has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Arts in Bremen where together with Peter Rea he initiated and co-directed the Profile Intermedia international conferences held annually in Bremen. He has taught Visual Communication at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.

Passionate about visual communication, interested in architecture and design his favourite projects are those requiring a multitude of disciplines, Not afraid to tackle the unknown and excited by new challenges he is committed to delivering excellent design and maintains a fine eye for details throughout all projects. Nick enjoys bringing different people together to achieve the best results for the challenging projects the studio is able to attract.