Andy Lawrence is based in Shanghai and specialises in Typography, Information Design and Design Education. He was born in Leeds in 1961, graduated from Harrogate College of Art in 1979 and subsequently moved to Los Angeles. He returned to England in 1981 and was a partner in a sign and display company in Harrogate for five years. He moved to London in 1986 and attended Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication where he met Nick Kapica and in 1991 he graduated with an MA from the Royal College of Art in London.

In 1998 he formed the partnership Grotesk with Andrew Monk and they have both worked together at Imagination London. Andy joined SV in 2000 and was based in Berlin until 2006 when he moved to Shanghai. He has been a freelance designer and has taught design in various Universities in and around London and currently he is program director of Visual communication at Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai.