Andrew Monk is based in London, he is a designer with exceptional experience as a brand consultant. He comes from a very traditional typographic design background, a »rigorous« schooling at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication provided him with a strong foundation for handling information, and problem solving. Andrew has worked for Imagination and Nokia. At Nokia Andrew was responsible for setting up and integrating a global in-house brand design team into the organisation. He was responsible for the creative and strategic output of the group.

Andrew believes that brands today need to communicate in different ways, across a multitude of touch points. No longer are traditional methods of communication effective, or reliable. His experience to date provides the holistic approach that companies need to effectively communicate with their customer, consumer or audience. He has worked on a variety of projects across many business types and this is something he is keen to continue. He is driven by producing great work, making the creative accountable. He enjoys being an integral part of delivering beautiful design that is formed by content, thinking, dialogue and craft. Ultimately he aims to deliver design that exceeds the needs of the clients, yet stimulates and excites the team who create it.